September fill-up

I filled up my car again yesterday – looks like a new monthly routine for me :)

This past month I made a trip up in the mountains to visit Meghann and Peter – terrible gas mileage on the way up (23!) but pretty good on the way down (120). I’m guessing it was this trip that threw the dashboard measurement so out of whack with reality. Still, 45mpg isn’t something to sneeze at!

And of course, now that we have a second data point, we need a table!

Date Miles Gallons Cost $/mile Dashboard MPG Actual MPG
2010-08-05 500.7 10.104 $26.42 $0.053 50.7 49.55
2010-09-08 467.6 10.309 $29.47 $0.063 50.7 45.36

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