A change from IBM & Denver: Isilon & Seattle

Today I accepted a job with Isilon in Seattle. The change is a lateral move working on a performance team. My official start date is November 16th. I haven’t yet told IBM of my departure — I’m waiting until late October before doing so. My last day at IBM will be November 15th but I’ll be off on vacation the week prior. Or at least that’s the plan. We’ll fly up for a weekend in mid October to scout out a place to live (likely an apartment in the Belltown or Lower Queen Anne neighborhoods).

We’re sad to leave Denver but excited about new opportunities in Seattle. B has already applied for jobs at the Starwood properties up there (W, Westin, Sheraton) and will likely be broaching the topic with his manager sometime this week as it is likely that any interested Seattle properties will be contacting his manager and we don’t want it to be a surprise. We’re crossing our fingers they don’t just let him go like Compass Bank effectively did.

B and I have decided to bring back our move-to-Denver slogan for the move to Seattle: It’s all part of the adventure!