Seattle Apartment

Benjamin and I now have a place to live in Seattle. We rented a unit at the Axis Apartments at 123 2nd Ave North, just 4 blocks from my new office and one block from the Space Needle. We’re just blocks from the core of downtown and the downtown hotels where we’re hoping B gets a job. It’s a work/live loft configuration with two entrances, one from the street and one from the inside of the access-controlled building, In many ways it reminds us of the loft we had in downtown Denver — except instead of being 100 years old, the building is only 2 years old.

It’s going to be another drastic change from a 2 bedroom house with basement back down to a 934 sq ft apartment, but we’ve done it before. And once again we’re mostly starting fresh with furniture. We won’t have a spare bedroom but folks are welcome to come visit if you don’t mind an air mattress!

Apartment from the street

Apartments next to ours

View from the living room

View of the living room from the interior entrance

Stairs to bedroom in loft

Vanities in the master bathroom (and our leasing agent Brian!)

Shower in the master bathroom

View heading downstairs

Another view from the living room — yes, that’s the Space Needle

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

6 thoughts on “Seattle Apartment”

  1. Awesome!

    Are you going to put blinds in the living room? I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable exposing my life to everyone passing by en route to the Space Needle. :) (says the guy who has no blinds now, but my living room is above the main level of the street!)


    1. Luckily all the windows have heavy duty roll-up curtains built in (you can see two of them in that last, dark picture). I’m with you though – I’m not that much of an exhibitionist!


  2. Gorgeous place! Color me jealous. I’d love to live in a walkable urban neighborhood, but with two kids and a dog and a cat and a wife who’s nostalgic for the backwoods, I doubt it’ll ever happen. Have to come visit you guys sometime.

    Glad you liked the announcement. :)


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