DING! Time for potty.

Benjamin has a friend who taught their dog to ring a bellhop bell that sits by the door when the dog needs to go to the bathroom. He was so impressed by this that B wanted to try it with Riley. Ever since we got Riley, when we take him outside to use the bathroom we take his paw and ring the bell once or twice before we head out. After three weeks he still hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it, but he’s no longer afraid of the bell at least so I think we’re making progress.

Last night B and I were sitting at the bar working over move logistics when we hear a bell ring. We look at each other in confusion followed quickly by astonishment. Yes, Riley rang the bell all on his own. We quickly took him outside and he did indeed use the bathroom. The praise was quite effusive.

I expect he’ll get it down completely just before we move to Seattle only to confuse him with the new apartment layout.