Arrival in Seattle: A night of drama

We arrived safe and sound and almost on time in Seattle on Saturday evening. It was raining really hard through Snoqualmie Pass all the way into Seattle. We parked the cars in the apartment parking garage, took Riley for a walk, and headed straight to dinner. After dinner the rain had turned into a sprinkle which was a much more pleasant experience to unload the vehicles.

We aired up the air mattress and laid down with hopes of getting a good night sleep. As a bonus we were gaining an hour with the time change to boot. Except it didn’t turn out quite as we’d hoped — instead it turned into a Night of Drama.

It all started when Riley woke us up around 2:30. I’m pretty certain this was 2:30 pre-DST change-over. To add insult to injury the air mattress was mostly deflated. I took Riley out to pee while B aired the air mattress back up.

Except we wake up a couple of hours later with the air mattress completely deflated. I’m guessing it’s about 3:30 post-PST by this time. We’ve gotten virtually no sleep and we’re laying on the floor. At this point I’m very loudly cussing out the sorry excuse for an air mattress. Benjamin is past exhausted and crying about just wanting to sleep. I called the Hyatt Place just down the street to see if we could get a room there. Oh sure, for $200. Come on – really? It’s almost morning already! So we resort to getting one of the bags of clothes we’d packed and throwing it on the ground under Benjamin’s side of the bed and I end up sleeping on the floor.

Needless to say the first night in the apartment wasn’t exactly a success. It was, however, great motivation to go out and purchase a real mattress (it was delivered on Monday) and an air mattress for Sunday night (and will be used later for guests).

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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