First day at Isilon

My first day at Isilon went well. My manager, Ryan, was in an all-day manager’s meeting so Case met me at the front desk and directed me to my cube. Yes, his name is Case and he’s the Performance Guru I’ll be learning from. That should make things interesting!

Today was amazingly crazy, although it had nothing to do with Isilon or the first day on the job. Instead, it was all about Riley. This morning while I was getting ready he ate a used dryer sheet. Or at least I’m 98% certain he ate a used dryer sheet as I saw him chewing on something and the meager remains of a dryer sheet left behind. After that he spent about 5 minutes hacking. This was around 7:30 and I was suppose to go into the office at 9:30. The very short version of the story is that I dashed to take him to the vet over my lunch break to rush back to the office. Thus far he seems to be fine but we’re continuing to keep an eye on him.