New commute: 53x longer than before

Yes, it’s true. My new commute is 53x longer than it was before. Can you believe that!?

Perhaps it’s better if we put it in perspective a bit though. My old commute was about 30 feet bed-to-desk, including stairs.

My new commute is about 4 blocks, give or take. So while it really is 53x longer than it was before (new and improved: now with weather!) it really isn’t all that bad — even in the rain and snow :)

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

One thought on “New commute: 53x longer than before”

  1. I will forever miss my commute a couple of jobs ago (read: really not that long ago), 0.25 miles. Just far enough that I could easily separate work and home, close enough that commuting had zero impact on my free time during the day. :-P


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