Vehicle Title and Registration

Now that we live in Washington, we’re dutifully trying to fulfil our legal obligation as residents. This includes registering our Fusion with the state. We have, however, a problem.

Flash back 3.5 years to when we moved to Colorado. When we moved Benjamin wasn’t working and hadn’t started school, so he was tasked with getting us situated. He was the one that did the research on what was required in CO to register the vehicle, gathering the documents required, and getting it done. At this time we were still paying on the loan on the car and thus the loan company had a lien on the vehicle. Everything went swimmingly.

Flash forward two years when we paid off the vehicle. The loan company sent us our title — a Texas title. This did not seem odd to me at all. Title != registration, right?

That brings us up to today when we’re trying to register the car in WA. According to the online docs, we have to bring in our title, other paperwork, and money and they issue us a WA state title for the vehicle. Umm… we have a TX title but I really think we’re suppose to have a CO title. Sure enough, according to the Denver website (registration is handled by the counties in Coloardo) “if there is a lien, the title will be mailed to the lienholder”. So I call the loan company (our credit union in Austin) and they don’t have any record of a CO title.

So I’m flummoxed. I think I’m suppose to have a CO title, not a TX title. I have what appears to be a perfectly valid TX title and, in theory, can use this to register the car in WA (what do they care about my little CO problem?). What I’m worried about is that this might create some confusion if we ever go to sell the vehicle.

So I guess from here I’ll call the Denver motor vehicle office and see if there was, in fact, a CO title issued for the vehicle. If there was, then I’ll figure out what hoops I have to jump through to get a new one issued and decide if all that effort is worth the perceived benefit.

From my CO/WA experience it appears that a vehicle’s registration and title are more closely linked that I thought.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

5 thoughts on “Vehicle Title and Registration”

  1. Howdy Howdy!

    greetings from Austin Texas, my friend. Another day is finally complete and I sit back with a Bacardi on ice and read through your journal. Good stuff. your detail oriented nature is evident even on your blog. :)

    Ive been watching Battlestar Galactica on Netflix and man, season 3 is awesome. I forgot how well written the storyline is.

    My sister lives in Portland and she is always raving about the competent folks that work in the public sector (DMV, Tax office, bus drivers, etc) I hope you have a similar experience in Seattle.

    Seattle, wow. long way from Bryan Texas, huh?


  2. Wow. Congratulations! That’s awesome.
    It’s so good to get affirmation like that so soon after starting there.


  3. FIling disagreement

    I only have moments before I must hop in the shower to get out the door on time, BUT I disagree. While I haven’t officially studied extrovert and introvert definitions in a long time, my memor of the clinical definition is that you are not an introvert.

    You get energy and excitement from being around others. You thrive (in fact need) on relationships to feel self-worth and not become depressed. You adore being close enough to others to have inside jokes. You are one of the best people I know at speaking highly about other people’s traits, accomplishments, and goals (meaning to point out that you’re not more interested in yourself than others). Yes, you are able to entertain yourself at home and sometimes prefer it, and yes, you don’t like large, loud crowds of people but that is just something that you don’t like.

    You’re not turned inward, focused more on yourself than others, and not wanting to be with others. You’re just not wanting to be with others in a certain setting.

    SO I hear-by declare my disagreement! (Like I said, I’m going on a very old memory of clinical definitions of introversion from grad school, but even if I’m wrong, I still disagree!)

    Oh, and yes, I disagree with boring. Must go get in the shower ASAP!


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