Isilon Customers

Isilon has many cool customers doing awesome things with our products, but most of them we can’t talk about. There are some we can talk about though and I wanted to share a few that were announced in press releases:

  • Sony Imageworks – makers of Alice in Wonderland and Spider-Man (via)
  • NAVTEQ – makers of map data used in things like GPS systems (via)
  • Mr. X Inc. – they did the post-production of TRON: Legacy (via)
  • Prologue – they did the post-production of Iron Man 2 and Sherlock Holmes (via)

Note that just because the company uses Isilon products doesn’t mean that they used them when making the above films, but you get the idea.

The Isilon press release page has the full listing, these are just some that I thought most folks could relate to.

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I'm Casey Peel, a software validation manager with Spaceflight Industries in Seattle, WA. Space, the final frontier! I volunteer as a developer and system administrator at Distributed Proofreaders, the largest contributor of public domain ebooks to Project Gutenberg.

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