Accessing shared music from Fedora on iTunes

At work, I have my music collection on my Fedora desktop. At times I’ve wanted to access this library on my Mac Book Air but have been unable to do so given they are on two separate subnets (and DAAP is a broadcast protocol). The solution was Network Beacon.

In short:

  1. Ensure your DAAP server is accessible. For Rythmbox, enable/configure the DAAP Music Sharing plugin (be sure to click the ‘Share my music’ checkbox for the plugin).
  2. Make sure port 3689 is open on your Linux firewall if necessary.
  3. On the Mac, download and install Network Beacon and configure a new beacon thusly:
    1. Beacon Enabled: Yes
    2. Service Name: [string of your choice]
    3. Service Type: _daap._tcp
    4. Port Number: 3689
    5. Enable Host Proxy: Yes
    6. Host Name: [full hostname]
    7. IP Address: [duh]
  4. Now you should be able to open iTunes and see the DAAP share appear in the SHARED section. Note that Network Beacon must remain running for iTunes to see the remote share.

Note that if the machines were on the same subnet you should be able to skip Network Beacon entirely and just enable the DAAP Music Sharing and punch the hole through the Linux firewall.

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