Feelin’ the Isilon lovin’

I think Isilon likes me. I discovered today, much to my surprise, that I will receive a bonus for the 1.5 months I worked in 2011.

The dollar amount was 86% of my IBM bonus for the 12 months I worked in 2010.

It’s hard to do a direct comparison given the different economic climates, work location, recent acquisition, etc. but I’m still feelin’ loved more here than I was at IBM when I left.

Best of all was a small note from my manager regarding the bonus, reading simply:

Thank you for being so damn good at your job — you absolutely deserve it.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

One thought on “Feelin’ the Isilon lovin’”

  1. Casey’s Carrots

    Bummer about the bonus mis-information. BUT….Granny did name her carrot recipe after you so I know you like carrots! In her handwriting on my recipe card, it says: “Casey’s Carrots.”


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