I hate clothes

Today I’m wearing jeans I purchased a couple of weeks ago. When I tried them on they fit great. They even fit great the first time after I washed them. Today? They’re too big in the waist and I know I haven’t lost weight or my hips suddenly shrunk.

About a month ago I purchased some new T-shirts from Macy’s. The smalls fit perfectly (small is the new medium after all) and the mediums looked way too baggy. Now that they’ve been washed, the smalls are just a smidge too small to wear to work.

I hate clothes.

Thinking = crappy workouts

I have the most “I look cute” moments on days I have a good morning workout. I have a good workout on days that I don’t think too much during the workout. Today I’m destined to have negative “I look cute” moments. Apparently my mind was so engaged in other things that one of the staff asked “Are you OK? You look like you’re thinking too much.” Ouch.