Climbing class

Last night Kevin and I took the Climbing 101 class at Stone Gardens, an indoor climbing gym. The principle objective of the class is to get you familiar with belaying, both the equipment and the process. The class was small — there were only 4 of us total. Over the half of the 2.5 hour-long class was instruction on the harness, rope tying, and belay equipment with the last bit on a climbing wall itself with pairs alternating between belay and climber (with the instructor acting as backup belay). As you can imagine, the primary emphasis throughout the entire class was safety: checking and rechecking the equipment as well as belay technique.

I had an absolute blast. I appear to have some innate climbing aptitude which shouldn’t be a surprise given how much I loved to climb trees growing up. I was able to do a 5.8 without too much difficulty, which I thought was pretty decent for one of my first 4 climbs ever.

Kevin and I are aiming to climb together once a week. That’s probably about all I can handle at this point. I wasn’t sore this morning anywhere except my forearms although I have no grip to speak of. Going to have to work on that without aggravating my carpel tunnel.

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