Isilon breaks the SPEC barrier

Today Isilon announced new SPEC benchmarking results for our new S200 platform released earlier this year. We were able to get over 1 million SPECsfs2008 NFSv3 IOPS — 75% higher than the nearest competition — and 1.6 million SPECsfs2008 CIFS IOPS — 126% higher than the nearest competition.

By far the cooler thing we demonstrated, again, to the industry is that our products scale linearly as you add nodes. Our IOPS scaled linearly with 7, 14, 28, 56, and 140 nodes. Chuck Hollis’ blog entry has more detail on what the benchmark does and our results.

I wasn’t directly involved with this benchmarking exercise but I did play a role, as did the entire rest of the engineering team, in building, testing, and tweaking the software that enabled this spectacularly cool result.

And yes, I realize that benchmarks like these are really just a pissing game between competitors, but I know first-hand that they come up in sales opportunities which makes them useful if not terribly informative.

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