My mama raised me right

On a Friday in the middle of June around 4p CST, my tenant in Austin called and said they were having some AC problems. And AC problems in Texas in June are a Big Deal.

I got off the phone with my tenant and called McCullough Heating & Air. To my surprise they were able to get someone out there that evening! I gave them my credit card and asked them to bill me after the repair was completed.

A few hours later they called and gave me the run-down on the repairs (thankfully quite reasonable) and said they’d charge my credit card and send me an invoice in the mail. I talked with my tenant and she said they were professional and seemed to do a great job. I was quite pleased.

July rolls around and I notice that the repair never showed up on my credit card. I called McCullough who brought up their records and it shows the account as being paid, presumably by the tenant. I sent the tenant an email asking if she had paid them and if so how much it was so I could get her a check ASAP. Having sent the email I didn’t think about it much further.

Yesterday my tenant let me know she hadn’t paid them. Something was amiss. So I called McCullough and explain the situation. I told her I was fairly certain they hadn’t received any money. The receptionist said the computer records showed that the account was paid but said she’d pull the paper tickets and figure out what was going on and call me back.

Today I receive a phone call, and sure enough some wires had gotten crossed and they hadn’t, in fact, gotten paid. She asked if they could just bill the credit card on file and send me an invoice — yes, please. They seemed surprised I’d called to give them money. Really? My mama raised me right.

Now lets see if I actually do get billed and an invoice sent to me in the next couple of weeks.

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