In search of a new gym?

Since I started at Isilon, they’ve provided a free monthly gym membership at Rain Fitness. Rain is super-convenient being just half a block from the office which is also convenient to home since the office is just four blocks from my apartment. In two weeks, my office is moving just south of Pioneer Square and the corporate membership with Rain is over at the end of October. When I get back from Rome, I’ll need to have a new gym lined up. And thanks to EMC I’ll be paying for it myself again.

For me, the gym must be convenient or I’ll never go. It also has to be open early because if I don’t go before work, I’ll never go (and I get to work at 7:30, so the gym must be open by 6 at the latest). I seldom go to the gym on days I don’t go into the office, thus it makes sense to have a gym closely located to my office vs having one located close to my house.

That said – depending on the bus routes, there’s nothing stopping me from continuing to go to Rain in the mornings then hopping a bus and heading to work. In fact, the 24 picks up at 7:06, the 15 picks up at 7:18, and the 19 picks up up at 7:31 all within easy walking distance of Rain and gets me to the office between 7:30 and 8.

Thus for the last half of September and the whole of October I’ve decided I’ll try both methods. I’ll take a week working out at Rain in the mornings, and then a week trial at a couple of the gyms down in the Pioneer Square area to test that approach out. Then with luck I’ll have everything figured out by the time I get back from Rome and really need to burn off all those calories I consumed while there!