Doing pot again

I started doing pot again last night. I'd forgotten how much I missed the high.

Did I say pot? I meant pottery. (Yeah, a terrible pottery joke. They don't get much better either!) This is not my first throwing class – that was about 8 or more years ago at a wonderful teaching studio in Austin: ClayWays. This time last year I took a class at Pottery Northwest but didn't get a whole lot out of it, either in skill or product. Not for lack of a wonderful facility and teachers, but because of my divorce. I wasn't motivated to attend class some weeks – much less go in during open studio time.

This time however, I'm motivated and excited. I'm focusing on more functional pieces – yes, more serving bowls but also spoon rests, salsa bowls, and maybe even some little ramekins. My focus in skill will be on glazing so I need to churn out some pieces early to get started on that ASAP.

Last night I made 2 jumbo spoon rests (ladle rests?) and a large salsa bowl. I need to get in on Friday to trim my pieces and let them dry with hopes of getting them in the Tuesday bisque firing. Yes, that's a crazy aggressive schedule and I realize the clay is not likely to cooperate with that speed, but that's the goal.

This class is a beginner class and as Jonobie pointed out, I'm far from a beginner. While I can always improve my skill in various areas fundamental, I'm firmly in the intermediate category. Really what I need is just more practice and enrolling in the beginning class allows me to do that. Every class at Pottery Northwest comes with open studio time. After you're enrolled you can go in whenever they're open (which is effectively 24/7) and work as long as there's an open wheel. I'm going to try and block out some time on my calendar to get into the studio outside of class to help move things along.

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2 thoughts on “Doing pot again”

  1. Just so you know, I’ve been churning out some pieces, too…

    Oh, you meant pottery? Well, I’m not inclined to trim my pieces either, as I like them rather natural. As you said, they don’t get any better.

    Seriously, glad to see you back in the studio. The most thrilling thing about this post to me was actually knowing what a ramekin is—a vocabulary word I learned just in the last year. :-)


    1. Re: Just so you know, I’ve been churning out some pieces, too…

      Well, we started out the class doing a pinch-pot. I’m sure your pieces were pinched on the pot too. Wow, this conversation quickly went to shit :)


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