Feelin’ Mavericky

The code name for the next version of OneFS is Maverick and everyone in my office is heads down to move that mountain. I also can’t stop hearing Sarah Palin in my head every time someone says it.1

Like everyone else in my office – I’m swamped. So mentally swamped that I’ve started emailing myself at random times of the day with things I need to do. Like just now on the bus ride home. I’m mere days away from cascading lists complete with full dependency chains.

I gotta get the reigns on this horse before it runs all over me. There’s no way I’ll survive 6 more months of this with any semblance of sanity. Otherwise I’ll be as Mavericky as Sarah Palin!

1 Well, technically I can’t stop hearing Shaun mimicking Tina Fay mimicking Sarah Palin.