Out at the gym

This morning I somewhat intentionally outed myself at the gym. Chris was curious what a day guest pass costs at Rain, so on my way out of the gym today I asked the front desk attendant who was out on the floor. She asked if I had someone I wanted to join me and, after a brief hesitation1, I replied “my boyfriend” — within earshot of some of the regulars.2

I’m totally out everywhere else in my life, but for some reason I’m always hesitant to be out at the gym. I can’t quantify exactly why that is3, although it’s likely due to not wanting to make anyone uncomfortable in the locker room. Don’t misunderstand, I’m there to work out, get cleaned up, and leave, not hit on, or leer at, anyone. Still, there’s no point giving a homophobe a target.

Then again, it’s entirely possible that everyone at the gym knew I was gay already.

1 The fact that I hesitated, even briefly, bothers me more than anything. I need to puzzle out exactly why that is (both the hesitation and why it bothers me).

2 I think she was relieved to figure out which team I bat for. I think she’s been flirting with me for the past few months. I’m terrible recognizing when gay men are flirting with me, much less straight women, so I could be totally off here.

3 In some gyms (Golds on Cap Hill or 24 downtown) being out is more likely to get you hit on, rather than hit. Even at Rain it’s not like I’m afraid of being beaten up.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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