Interviewing at Isilon, part 1: Why you should

Isilon is hiring. In fact, we’re doubling the size of our test teams alone this year, not to mention the hiring of developers, writers, and PMs. And you want to work for us for several reasons.

  • We’re working on cool technology. Petabytes of data (“big data” in today’s marketing lingo) meet distributed computing. Don’t buy more storage than you need right now. Need more space? Need more performance? Just add more nodes — our filesystem grows seamlessly with you.
  • Our products enable cool things. Isilon gear is used to make movies, help genomic researchers, serve and process news content, and power the company ultimately behind your Google and Bing maps, among others. Our gear is so vital to some of our customers that I can’t even mention their name for fear of tipping their hand to their competitors.
  • Isilon is full of smart people. From developers to testers, doc folks to sales engineers, PMs to hardware designers – our folks are crazy smart. Every day they solve hard problems with creativity, not brute force. It’s not your average joe that can double the write throughout of your hardware with a software update!
  • We work hard. People here are passionate about what they’re doing. We take initiative, aren’t micromanaged, and motivated by the challenge and our peers. That said…
  • We have fun. Our game room has a keg and a ping-pong table. We have free soft drinks and coffee (some of you laugh that this is a perk and not an industry standard — you’ve obviously not worked at IBM). We have grass-roots ordering of Isilon-branded beer steins, shot glasses, bamboo laptop covers, and even snuggies. Yes, I said snuggies. We have an unofficial Isilon Drinking Team that meets for a pint and often karaoke.

We have all the fun and hard work of a startup but with a big-company paycheck and job security. Come join us!

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