I make too much money

Through a series of mental tangents on the 4 block walk to the gym this morning, I’ve ascertained that I make too much money.1 Due to my agreement with B, last year and this year he will receive roughly 20% of my income. Another 15% will go to pay the mortgage for the house in Denver (the house in Austin pays for itself). Another 15% pays for my apartment here in Seattle. In short, I live luxuriously2 off of 50% of my income — not accounting for taxes.

I fully recognize how fortunate this makes me. I like to think I share my good fortune with those around me, but perhaps I should do so a bit more actively. The moral of this post for the reader is that due to the above I view money is a thing to share with others for the mutual enjoyment of all — reciprocity for meals and events for which I pick up the tab is not at all expected.

1 Cue the relevant country song that always springs to my mind with that phrase.1.1

1.1 Although the 3rd line of the chrous should be “It’s like a guy too handsome, with too-hot abs” ;)

2 I at least feel that I live luxuriously, but that’s likely because I don’t place importance in things, and thus live rather modestly by most American’s standards. John Martin – I swear we’re bothers by another mother.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

6 thoughts on “I make too much money”

  1. Great news!

    Rebagrace will be thrilled to hear about this news! She’s been wondering who would pay for her college in a few years’ time…I’ll let her know you’ve stepped up to the plate with all your extra money :)


    1. Re: Great news!

      I think the small fortune you and RSL are saving from all your craigslisting and freecycling should fully fund RG’s college fund. Uncle Casey is happy to buy her fun new toys like iPads though. You know, RG’s birthday is coming up here in May…


  2. After having discussion with another friend who financially is in a very similar situation as you are, although he comes from quite a different moral position.

    I deeply appreciate your acknowledgement of how fortunate you are.


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