The Principled Engineer

Today I was promoted from a Software Development Test Engineer III to a Principal SW Quality Engineer. By my calculations this now puts me at the same level in EMC as I was in IBM when I left. The mapping between IBM’s positions and EMC’s positions are much closer than Isilon’s to either of them.

This was the write-up my manager put together that was sent out with the announcement:

In his first year and several months Casey stepped up in a huge way and wrangled the product characterization performance testing into submission for Habanero and Chopu. He participated in numerous customer performance-related calls for betas, evaluations, and escalations and onsite visits including presentations, demos, and lab tours. Casey has been instrumental in leading feature level performance testing for HDFS and many Mavericks features. Finally, he contributed a TCP related fix that improved 10GigE streaming read performance by approximately 3 times.

An interesting aside: Through a clerical error, I’ve actually been a Principle engineer in title only since last April when we transitioned to EMC’s HR system. It appears someone fat-fingered the data entry.

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2 thoughts on “The Principled Engineer”

  1. goes to show that if your good, it doesn’t matter where you move to. it’ll show. The writeup is reminiscent of your days at ibm :) Congrats in re-reaching this milestone!


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