For the past 5 weeks I’ve gone one several dates with Paul. Enough dates that I’ll be so bold as to say we’re “seeing each other” but not so bold to say we’re “dating”. (Don’t ask me to define the difference.)

At the gym this morning I realized that I think Paul is out of my league. He’s smart, funny, and a co-owner of a successful environmental consulting firm. And did I mention attractive? Actually, ‘attractive’ is a disservice. The man is gorgeous. The only way he could be more physically attractive is if he never wore a shirt again. Ever. And for some reason I think he’s out of my league. Even as I type that I realize it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I thought Chris was out of my league when I started dating him too for many of the same reasons, but I found him to be approachable and we worked out rather well.

So maybe “out of my league” is a poorly-defined phrase for someone who impresses me. Someone who challenges me. Someone who exceeds my status quo. Maybe that’s just the type of person I need.

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2 thoughts on “Leagues”

  1. Not to make it all about me, but…

    …this reminds me of something someone once asked me: “What do you make of the fact that you’ve never dated anyone ‘intellectually superior’ to you?”

    Actually, that’s not entirely true. My wife and I were “intellectually superior” to each other in different ways—she excelled over me mathematically, whereas I excelled over her verbally. (And by verbally, I don’t mean in the, “Down on your knees, bitch,” kind of way.) Obviously.

    And two things about that: 1) I have “intellectually superior” in quotation marks as that seems way subjective to me, and 2) While I don’t really know what, if anything that does mean (assuming it’s even true), it did make me wonder why not and what it would be like.

    We now return the subject to you… :-)


    1. Re: Not to make it all about me, but…

      I resonate strongly with the “intellectually superior in different ways” concept. I’m a perf testing guru, and moonlight in other areas, but there are large swaths of topics that I am by far the local minimum on the IQ scale. I won’t go so far as to say that everyone is intellectually stimulating in some area (there are global minimums out there) but I think that’s rare.

      And anyone who knows Robert at all wouldn’t, for a second, say that he isn’t your intellectual superior in all things nursing :)


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