Inherited decor

Benjamin was the one in our relationship with the fashion sense, both in clothes and home decor. When we met I had owned and lived in the Austin house for about 2 months and it looked more like a college apartment than anything else. It was Benjamin that made that house, the one in Denver, and the apartment in Seattle a home. We compromised between my minimalist style and his rich country home style and I still love what we did to all 3 places.

But time moves on and I’ve decided it’s time to take some steps to make my apartment more my own. No, I’m not going to hang up my Matrix poster on the wall (although I’d be sorely tempted if it hadn’t been sold in a garage sale back in Austin). I am, however, making a more concerted effort to find art pieces and furniture that catches my eye. I bought this 9×13 print about 6 weeks ago after seeing Lyla Warren’s work at comicon. I took it in on Saturday to have it matted and framed.

It’s time to change it up some.