I.Project: risk-taking spontaneity

This past weekend Chris and I took a trip via train down to Portland. It was my first time to go and I really enjoyed it. Friday night at the hotel I was chatting with a local guy on Scruff. He was bummed I was leaving back to Seattle on Sunday at noon. He suggested I change my trip to Monday morning so we could have dinner on Sunday. He even offered me a spot on his couch.

That’s not something I would normally do; a bit risky with more than a few unknowns. That’s out of character.

So I did it. Never even met the guy in person before changing my tickets.

We met up at a gay bar just before it closed Sunday morning, walked along the river holding hands and talking back to his place where we snuggled all night. Sunday morning we joined Chris for brunch before he left for Seattle. Then we proceeded to spend the rest of the day together just hanging out — including walking through downtown Portland, meandering through the Saturday Market, an afternoon nap together, watching Spiderman with some of his fellow rugby players, dinner at a Chinese restaurant, and watching episodes of The Last Airbender together on his couch. There were intimate moments as well, but I won’t kiss and tell. This morning we woke up and he took me to the train station.

I had a wonderful time. I learned some things about myself from the expeience, but the ultimate objective was to spend time with a handsome man — which I did.

I took a bit of a risk and acted spontaneously. Things I should do more often. I need to remember that plans can be flexible — particularly when they impact no one but myself.

And by posting this publicly, which I wouldn’t usually do, I further push myself with my goal of caring less about what people think of me and living my authentic self.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

6 thoughts on “I.Project: risk-taking spontaneity”

  1. Woohoo!

    Great story! Thanks for sharing.

    BTW — my trip for that conference has been confirmed. I need to send you my itinerary and talk with you about the stay! Have you ever done any of the day trips over to Vancouver, or in the past, would that have been too out of your comfort zone? :-)


    1. Re: Woohoo!

      Excellent – looking forward to it!

      I’ve never been to Vancouver. It’s a 3-hour trip one-way (via train or car) so a lot to cram into a day but I’m game to try!


      1. Highly recommend the train. No border crossing hassles, and it’s easy to take the SkyTrain into downtown from the train station. It’s also really, really pretty.


      2. Re: Woohoo!

        I misspoke (or mistyped, as it were). It’s not a day trip, but an overnight trip, by boat, I believe she said. I’ll get more details and catch up with you (via email) soon!


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