Marriage equality come November in WA

For those of you just tuning in, I was married1 to a man for 7.5 years until 1.5 years ago. I don’t regret a single moment but as it currently stands I don’t expect to get married again. Still, I’m a rabid supporter of marriage equality and am betting big on WA Referendum 74 this November.

The Washington legislature voted to allow gay marriage back in February but a referendum was submitted to put it to a public vote. Thus far, every public vote on the topic of marriage equality in any US state has failed. Every one. I don’t think civil rights should be put to a vote — by definition the rights being voted on are for the minority. It’s the job of the courts to ensure the majority aren’t tyrants of the minority. Yet the judicial system doesn’t want to get too far ahead of public opinion.

That in turn beings us full circle to WA Referendum 74. If approved, gays can marry in Washington state. Does that affect me? Not directly, at least not any longer and probably not in the future. But it’s an important step in moving the ball forward2. Another indicator that our generation is more open minded and accepting than that which preceded us. One more way to help obsolete the “It Gets Better” project — because it will already be better.

So my fellow gays, even if you despise the institution of marriage and never intend on getting married yourself, please go vote to approve WA Referendum 74 come November. We owe it to those that come after us, but most importantly we owe it to ourselves.

1 While we considered ourselves married, our relationship was never recognized as such in any of the 3 states we lived in during that time.

2 Yes, I just just used a sports reference.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

2 thoughts on “Marriage equality come November in WA”

  1. Excellently Written.

    However, I disagree with you on one point: “It’s the job of the courts to ensure the majority aren’t tyrants of the minority.” — We should have leaders who actually, you know lead. Our leaders can and should ensure that government equally treats of all citizens, especially the minority.


  2. I actually quoted you yesterday, “It’s the job of the courts to ensure the majority aren’t tyrants of the minority.” I hadn’t thought of it that way until I read your blog entry and liked it. It does seem ridiculous to have a majority vote on this. i guess I can sort of see @ncbarnard’s point, but really the courts should step up to the plate on this one, no looming reelections for them :)


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