An open letter to Rain Fitness Queen Anne

Dear Rain Fitness Queen Anne,

I was rather disappointed in the results of the much-hyped renovations you undertook the past three weeks — during the last week of which there were no locker rooms, bathrooms, or water fountains available for use. While the place does look great, a paint job does not a renovation make.

I hope new clientel are impressed with the updated color scheme and the refinished floors, both of which do look amazing. However, current members will be hard-pressed to find much to be excited about given they now have several hundred square feet less workout space and less equipment. And to top it off, must now work around the personal trainers taking up space with their clients upstairs due to the aforementioned decrease in space downstairs.

I think if you were to have asked current members what they wanted most, you would have gotten a much simpler, and less costly, list. Something like: a clock in the front free-weight area and men’s locker room. Both of which I asked for a year ago to no avail.

Best of luck in the new year — you’re going to need it with your current members.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

One thought on “An open letter to Rain Fitness Queen Anne”

  1. What is it with gyms and clocks?

    This is one of my pet peeves with my gym, too! They have several clocks, but they are small enough, and designed such that, unless you’re close to them and looking at them head on, they are very, very hard to read! Drives me nuts!

    I often think of that huge clock in your bathroom. That’s the size clocks they need in that place.

    It’s amazing when something so simple and inexpensive, and that would make such a big difference, isn’t implemented.

    Maybe I should spend more time looking in the mirror instead of at the clocks like a lot of those bozos there do!


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