If you’re happy and you know it… make a list?

Recently I was in a discussion with a friend who’s working on what to do next in life. I encouraged him to make a list of all the things that makes him happy and work towards a job and social environment that helps satisfy those things.

It occurred to me that making such a list would be useful to me as well. Accordingly, these things make me happy:

  • Holding someone
  • Being held by someone
  • Solving complex problems
  • Optimizing systems
  • Doing things for people
  • Laughing/joking with friends
  • Achieving new physical PRs / competing with myself
  • My level of physical fitness
  • Trying new things even when I don’t want to / pushing my own boundaries
  • Learning new things
  • Traveling / seeing new things
  • Being creative / making things with my hands
  • Reading books that make me think
  • Having cute guys smile at me or pay me a compliment
  • Developing a level of friendship with someone such that both of us are free to be ourselves without pretense
  • Simple company of close friends

I’m very fortunate that my job satisfies some of these (hint: it’s not the first two). My current social circle satisfies several of the others. Some on the list I need to work harder at achieving as they don’t happen near enough.

What makes you happy?

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

3 thoughts on “If you’re happy and you know it… make a list?”

  1. I am going to make a blog entry like this!

    I really like your second to the last one, and cherish that you’re one of the people for whom that holds for me.

    Thanks for being in my life, Casey.


    1. Re: I am going to make a blog entry like this!

      When you make that blog entry, make it public so I can read it :)

      I value our friendship in the same capacity, John!


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