Must. Eat. More.

According to my FitBit, I burn around 2200 calories on any given day when I don’t run based merely on my life as a pedestrian. That number goes up by about 1000 on days where I run. On days I don’t run I lift weights which probably tacks on another 500 calories to that 2200. So lets call it ~3000 calories/day for my average daily calorie burn.1

For shits and giggles I calculated how many calories I’ll consume today based on the lunch and dinner I packed and my usual array of snacks throughput the day: 2204. That’s 800 calories shy of my 3000 maintenance level, and 1300 less than my goal of 500-over-maintenance if I’m trying to gain muscle mass. I seem to rediscover this over and over.

On the plus side, my protein intake is about in line with what I’m needing — I just need to up the calorie count.

1 The OCD person in me is cringing at all of the hand-wavy estimations in these numbers, but I’m rolling with it.