Must. Eat. More.

According to my FitBit, I burn around 2200 calories on any given day when I don’t run based merely on my life as a pedestrian. That number goes up by about 1000 on days where I run. On days I don’t run I lift weights which probably tacks on another 500 calories to that 2200. So lets call it ~3000 calories/day for my average daily calorie burn.1

For shits and giggles I calculated how many calories I’ll consume today based on the lunch and dinner I packed and my usual array of snacks throughput the day: 2204. That’s 800 calories shy of my 3000 maintenance level, and 1300 less than my goal of 500-over-maintenance if I’m trying to gain muscle mass. I seem to rediscover this over and over.

On the plus side, my protein intake is about in line with what I’m needing — I just need to up the calorie count.

1 The OCD person in me is cringing at all of the hand-wavy estimations in these numbers, but I’m rolling with it.

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3 thoughts on “Must. Eat. More.”

  1. Folks are Unique, and your body gives feedback.

    Hey Casey, I think you’re focusing too much on just calorie counts..

    From your other posts it seems you’re wanting to gain muscle mass. AFAIK a big portion of this is making sure you have enough glucose after working out, since that is one of the keys for building muscle. Perhaps you need to add a package of Oreos to your post workout shake?

    That being said, your body has this wonderful feedback mechanism called hunger that makes sure you get enough calories. Listen to it.


    1. Re: Folks are Unique, and your body gives feedback.

      But Nick, I’m always hungry. If I ate every time I was hungry I’d weigh more, but probably not in the way I want!


      1. Re: Folks are Unique, and your body gives feedback.

        Hrm, you shouldn’t always be hungry. I’d try more consistent snacking… Either that or this may be worth chatting with a doctor/nutritionist about.


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