EMC Isilon electronic design automation (EDA) whitepaper

A month ago we released a whitepaper on using Isilon storage in an electronic design automation (EDA) workflow. I had intended to blog about this when it was released but I was 2 days away from leaving on vacation and it escaped me.

EDA workflows are often a conglomeration of home directory, HPC-analysis, and large streaming workloads so it can be challenging to optimize your storage to support it all. The whitepaper covers everything from node-type selection, network configuration, file layout recommendations, and more.

Many thanks to Steve for working with all the SMEs to put this together!

Sexy with my clothes on

It’s taken over a decade, but I’m finally at the point where I feel consistently good-looking with my clothes on. After 13 years of physical work, mental work, and wardrobe work, I still don’t feel consistently good-looking with my shirt off. There are sporadic, fleeting moments when I have shirtless self-confidence, but they are rare.

Sadly, I’m well past the physical prime of my life and it is highly unlikely that I’ll ever get to where I want to be with physical work. Instead my best hope is to change my goal with some mental work.