The day I was almost arrested

I recounted this story to someone earlier today and decided it was too awesome not to share with the world.

Back in college I worked for a company called Texas Digital Systems as a computer / network administrator. At the time they had three buildings scattered over College Station and were building a small campus just outside of town to consolidate their offices.

After the campus was ready, I was in charge of moving all the computer equipment over one weekend so folks could hit the ground running on Monday morning. So late Friday afternoon after everyone had gone home we started with the software building and moved all of the computer equipment to the new campus. By the time we got to the production plant it was well past sunset.

So around 9p my team of college students and I took the white, unmarked company van and backed it up to the front of the production building. We unlocked the front doors, propped them both open, and started loading all the computer equipment into it. Servers, workstations, monitors, monitors, UPSs, etc.

Imagine my surprise when about 30 minutes after we started two cop cars pull up, lights flashing, and demand to know what the hell we were doing.

Despite being given a key, no one told us there was a silent alarm on the building. Thankfully the monitoring company had notified the production manager in addition to the police. He showed up and vouched for us several minutes into being grilled by the cops.

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