Birthday Countdown: Lambert House

In 7 days I’m celebrating my 36th birthday. I don’t usually do much to celebrate my birthday1 but this year I’ve decided to raise funds for Lambert House in the week leading up to it.

Lambert House is a center for LGBTQ youth here in Seattle. They provide a safe place for young people to meet others like themselves, have a meal together, hang out, and build community. Lambert House also acts as a haven for LGBTQ youth kicked out of their homes after coming out. While they do not house the youth themselves, they help them find shelter and meals to keep them off the streets.

In honor of my 36th birthday, I’m asking people to please consider donating $36 (or $360 (or $3600 if you’re feeling really generous)) to Lambert House. You can do so via their Network for Good page or send them a check directly to PO Box 23111, Seattle WA 98102. I have no way of tracking how much the donations add up to, so I’m not looking for a specific dollar amount. If you feel inclined, I’d enjoy knowing if you’ve donated something, anything, to this very worthy cause by commenting on this blog entry or on the Facebook post.

Thanks for helping make this a fantastic birthday!

1One year when Benjamin asked me what I wanted to do on my birthday, I told him I wanted to pot some plants. We did. It was a lovely birthday.

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