Birthday Countdown: Save our children!

In 1977 Anita Bryant created Save Our Children to overturn a Miami ordinance banning discrimination against gay people. The organization claimed that gays were a specific danger to children and their efforts succeeded: the ordinance was repealed thereby allowing gays to be denied housing. 37 years later, the gay rights movement has made unbelievable progress in marriage and acceptance, but it’s our children who need saving from being kicked out of their homes.

That’s right, people — including “Christians” — are kicking kids out of their homes when they come out. Some argue that the success of gay marriage is only making the problems worse, not better, for these youth. Indeed youth-centered legislation has taken a backseat in many cases to the gay marriage push (the Minnesota Safe and Supportive Schools Act for instance).

I didn’t come out until I was 22, gainfully employed at IBM, and financially independent of my parents. Many, many people aren’t as lucky. We, as a community, need to support our own and the Lambert House is a fantastic organization in Seattle doing just that.

In honor of my 36th birthday, I’m asking people to please consider donating $36 (or $360 (or $3600 if you’re feeling really generous)) to Lambert House. You can do so via their Network for Good page or send them a check directly to PO Box 23111, Seattle WA 98102. I have no way of tracking how much the donations add up to, so I’m not looking for a specific dollar amount. If you feel inclined, I’d enjoy knowing if you’ve donated something, anything, to this very worthy cause by commenting on this blog entry or on the Facebook post.

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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