Quitting my job as System Administrator

For the past 14.5 years I’ve managed my own server for email (SMTP, IMAP, mailman), DNS, web, and other services. As of the end of this year I’m divesting myself of most all of it. I learned a whole lot by doing it but I’m past the point of learning more and it’s just become more headache than it’s worth.

Two weeks ago I migrated all of my email off of my self-hosted server to Rackspace (bonus: they are an EMC Isilon customer!). All of the domains for which I hosted DNS records have been migrated to the DNS provided by the domain registrar (not a feature freely available in 2000). At the end of this month I’ll have the last email account migrated off and will officially shut down IMAP/POP and DNS. By the end of January I’ll stop being a backup mail server for some domains and will shut down the SMTP server.

Then, and only then, can I finally retire the Fedora Core 4 box that has been dutifully chugging along for almost 15 years. This is one of a few steps I’m taking to drastically simplify my life.