Pro-public transit? Ditch AAA

Many people, roughly 54 million Americans, use AAA (formerly: American Automobile Association) for tows and discounts. What you may not know is that AAA actively lobbies against public transit initiatives and other environmental issues (see the full report). If you think about it, this makes sense — AAA makes money from people driving on roads, the more people that drive on roads the better off they are.

There are alternatives, like Better World Club that offers similar auto services to AAA but with a distinct bent towards greener policies and other forms of transit. For example: if you are a cyclist, Better World Club will give you a 30-mile ‘tow’ should your bike break down anywhere in the US. AAA offers a 5-mile ‘tow’ if you live in Washington state and doesn’t offer it at all in most others.

Take a moment and compare Better World Club and AAA and see if one aligns better with your world outlook.

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3 thoughts on “Pro-public transit? Ditch AAA”

  1. AAA

    I dropped being in AAA once GPS became A Thing. It just doesn’t make financial sense – for $92/year, I get free towing? But most tows are around $100 anyhow and I haven’t needed anywhere near on the order of 1 tow per year. It’s essentially expensive insurance for something I can self-insure for.

    Sure, there are a coupons too, but those are all easily obtainable in other ways.


  2. Peace of mind

    The main reason I’ve used BWC is for peace of mind. (OK, I have used them enough to make it financially sensible, too, but let’s hope that doesn’t continue…) I’ve done a lot of solo driving in unfamiliar places, and it’s great to know that I have one phone number to call and Someone Else will do all the work of figuring out where to call for a tow truck or jump start, calling around until they find someone who can come rescue me NOW, etc. Since it’s as much about information and service as about price/insurance, I’m speculating that my smartphone may eventually fill that need (OK Google, find me a tow truck!). But given how often I’m on the fringes of cell service, with no data connection to speak of, I think it’ll be a while before I feel totally self-sufficient on that front.


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