Three months into the Sabbatical

Today marks three months into my 1-year sabbatical — 25% down, 75% to go.

Since my last report, I / we’ve:

  • done quite a bit of hiking (and stopping at Sonic along the way)
  • spent two weeks out in the DC area visiting the Lees and Nidzgorski/Parisis
  • got our Library of Congress Reader cards
  • finished up another pottery class (photos available here)
  • my shoulder pain has been diagnosed (partial tear in the infraspinatus muscle) and I’ve had a PRP injection done to see about getting it better
  • made some bread, jam, and chai
  • read several books, including The Martian which was fantastic and Life on the Preservation which takes place in Seattle and was terrible
  • visited the Henry Art Museum and the Living Computer Museum
  • watched several more episodes of DS9 and the 8th season of Doctor Who
  • coordinated getting gutters put on the rental house in Austin and getting two leaky windows replaced
  • finally got Distributed Proofreaders moved over to phpBB3
  • tons of other stuff I’m not thinking of at the moment

I’ve learned that I still don’t have a good balance between work and life — work in this case being the code changes and deployment work for phpBB3 support. I really enjoy getting into the code and solving problems, but I continue to do so at the expense of life. I have more work to do on that balancing act.

On Sunday we fly to Frankfurt to begin our 3-week European adventure! Daniel and I will have some travel time with just the two of us, get to see Jodi, and then some travel time with Jonobie!

Chai tea

I’ve been iterating over various chai tea recipes the past several months. This is one I’m finally happy enough with to post. It is taken largely from Sundays at Moosewood Restaurant, Spiced Tea, p321.

Chai tea

  • 5c water
  • 4 3″ cinnamon sticks
  • 4″ fresh ginger root sliced thin
  • 2t cardamom pods
  • 2t coriander seeds
  • 2t black peppercorns
  • 2t whole cloves
  • 4t loose black tea

Bring water and all spices (not including the tea) to boil. Cover and simmer for 40 minutes. Add tea and simmer for 4 more minutes. Remove from heat and strain.

To serve, combine half chai tea and half milk (or milk substitute). Sweeten to taste.

Update: After initially posting this I’ve further tweaked the proportions. The original version used 4c water and half the amount of everything else.