Three months into the Sabbatical

Today marks three months into my 1-year sabbatical — 25% down, 75% to go.

Since my last report, I / we’ve:

  • done quite a bit of hiking (and stopping at Sonic along the way)
  • spent two weeks out in the DC area visiting the Lees and Nidzgorski/Parisis
  • got our Library of Congress Reader cards
  • finished up another pottery class (photos available here)
  • my shoulder pain has been diagnosed (partial tear in the infraspinatus muscle) and I’ve had a PRP injection done to see about getting it better
  • made some bread, jam, and chai
  • read several books, including The Martian which was fantastic and Life on the Preservation which takes place in Seattle and was terrible
  • visited the Henry Art Museum and the Living Computer Museum
  • watched several more episodes of DS9 and the 8th season of Doctor Who
  • coordinated getting gutters put on the rental house in Austin and getting two leaky windows replaced
  • finally got Distributed Proofreaders moved over to phpBB3
  • tons of other stuff I’m not thinking of at the moment

I’ve learned that I still don’t have a good balance between work and life — work in this case being the code changes and deployment work for phpBB3 support. I really enjoy getting into the code and solving problems, but I continue to do so at the expense of life. I have more work to do on that balancing act.

On Sunday we fly to Frankfurt to begin our 3-week European adventure! Daniel and I will have some travel time with just the two of us, get to see Jodi, and then some travel time with Jonobie!

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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