Planes, trains, and automobiles

Daniel and I are on our last day in Europe before we fly home tomorrow. It's interesting to think about all the modes of transportation we've taken since we left our house over 3 weeks ago while visiting 3 countries:

  • Bus (Seattle & Nuremberg)
  • Lightrail (Seattle)
  • Plane (Seattle <–> Frankfurt, Vienna -> Frankfurt)
  • Trains of all types (everywhere)
    • S-Bahn
    • U-Bahn
    • Inter-City Express (ICE)
    • EuroCity (EC)
    • EuroNight
    • Regional Express (RE)
    • Mittelrheinbahn (MRB)
    • TGV
    • and the cute yellow putt-putt in Kunta Hora
  • Boat (middle-Rhine valley)
  • Ferry (middle-Rhine valley)
  • Car (on the Autobahn with Jodi!)
  • Tram (Vienna)

No bikes, no scooters, no segways, and sadly: no zeppelins.

I love how easy it is to get around cities and entire countries in Europe without a car or plane. This lack of really good public transit is one of America's great failings.

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