ProtectMyID coverage from T-Mobile is an upgrade from Target’s

I was impacted by the Target data breach earlier this year and enrolled in the 2-year free Experian ProtectMyID service. I was also unfortunate enough to be impacted by the T-Mobile / Experian data breach a few months ago and received an invitation to enroll in another 2-year free Experian ProtectMyID service. Yesterday I called to see if I could just extend the time of the first account, but discovered that the accounts aren’t the same.

The ProtectMyID account provided by Target was their Alert level account. This level monitors your credit reports from all 3 credit agencies and sends alerts if something is awry.

The account provided by T-Mobile / Experian is an Elite level account. This includes all the features of the Alert level, plus alerts when a change of address is submitted at the post office. They have an optional feature they call “internet scan” which looks like they just check for your SSN (and any credit cards you input) against leaked personal data.

You can cancel the first account and set up the second one without any fee or hassle. I discovered all of the above on the phone while talking to a customer service agent, so I did the cancel/setup over the phone, but I presume you can do it all online.

Note that you can’t re-use the same username, but they give you the ability to change a username on the account. My recommendation would be to change the old account’s username to something else before cancelling the account. That should allow you to re-use it for the new account.

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One thought on “ProtectMyID coverage from T-Mobile is an upgrade from Target’s”

  1. Thank you so much for the information! I googled the web on how to extend my protectmyID membership but came up with nothing. My scenario is exactly like yours in that i already have my membership from Target breach, and was thinking i could just extend my membership with this offer from Tmobile, I had no clue how to do this until i found your article. Thanks!


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