Moving from LiveJournal to WordPress

Yesterday I moved my blog from LiveJournal, where I’ve had it for the past 10 years, over to Thankfully the WordPress import did an amazing job and was able to bring over all the posts (with tags) as well as comments. A few hours customizing the blog template, and presto, we have conversion.

The primary impetuous for this change was the desire to sunset Kreizler, the antiquated Linux server that runs While it use to do much more, for the past few years it’s been running a custom script that would download the most recent dozen blog posts, reformat them, and display them. And you don’t need a full physical Linux system to do that.

WordPress gives me the ability to present this blog as my home page in a way that LJ doesn’t. WordPress also provides more modern, and mobile-friendly, templates as well as a richer interface and more established community.

So, hello WP community! :)

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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