Millheads: a great place to get your ears lowered

Four years ago I walked into a Great Clips and got the absolute worst haircut of my life. It was so bad that when I got home, Benjamin said “oh wow, that looks terrible — what happened?!”. I turned around, went back, and had a different stylist “fix” it by buzzing my hair. Vowing never again to set foot in that establishment, I switched to the Rudy’s in Belltown, always taking the next stylist in line.

Flash-forward about 6 months and I find myself getting a haircut at Rudy’s by a stylist that looks familiar but who I just can’t place. About half way through, I realize it’s the same stylist who butchered my hair at Great Clips and she was doing it again! After she had completed her hatchet job, one of her coworkers Paul Pugliese came to the rescue. I specifically requested him the next time I went in. Now, Paul is the only person who I will let touch my hair — he always does a fantastic job.

Last month, Paul opened his own place down in Pioneer Square: Millheads Hair Cutting Company. They cut men’s and women’s hair at reasonable prices and accept appointments and walk-in traffic. Being down in Pioneer Square just off South 1st and Yesler Way they’re easy to get to via bus, lightrail, and the new streetcar. Their location is doubly-good for me being just a few blocks north of my office.

If you’re looking for a place to get your hair done, I highly recommend giving them a chance!

Millheads Hair Cutting Company
83 Yesler Way
Seattle, WA 98104


In case you didn’t get the title, it’s an old saying from my Papa Jack meaning “to get a haircut”. Think about it…

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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