Reflections on my WA Democratic Caucus blog post

On February 24th, I posted a blog entry titled Everything you need to know to participate in the WA Democratic Caucus, which does pretty much what the title suggests without endorsing either candidate. I wrote it because I hoped it would help others become involved in the caucus process by providing them information that I struggled to find myself.

Much to my astonishment, the post was viewed by thousands of people, at least two orders of magnitude more than any other post I’ve ever written. The lion’s share of the traffic originated from Facebook with a smattering from other places. I even ended up fielding questions. I answered those that seemed clear to me and acted as a proxy between the WA Democratic Party for a few others. I censored the two comments endorsing specific candidates but kept all the others.

The whole experience was fascinating and I am delighted to have helped people participate in the caucus, even in a small way.

Some interesting numbers between when it was posted on February 24th to the caucus on March 26th:

  • The post was viewed 10,303 times (my average post gets around 50 views)
  • The link to register for the caucus was accessed 1,460 times
  • The link to the surrogate form was accessed 425 times
  • The link to validate a voter registration was accessed 1,250 times
  • The link to register to vote was accessed 160 times

To put these numbers in (a very small) perspective, an estimated 230,000 people participated in the caucus. I think I’m most proud of the last two, quite honestly. The caucus is important, but being registered to vote in the November election is far more important.

I intend to do another post about participating in the WA state primary happening in May, which is likely to get decidedly less traffic but I view as important all the same.

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