Announcing the TAMS Small Schools Scholarship

I’m proud to announce the creation and sponsorship of a new TAMS Alumni Association1 scholarship for incoming TAMSters: the Small Schools Scholarship. Like the other TAMS Alumni Association scholarships, this one covers the cost of the TAMS program charge. Unlike the others, this one is targeted towards students who attended a 3A2 or smaller school.

As a former student of a 3A school I know how limited the opportunities can be in schools of this size, particularly for schools in small towns. TAMS was a life-changing experience for me and I want to help others have that same opportunity.

I’m thrilled this year’s Small Schools Scholarship was awarded to Sarah Gutierrez, an outstanding candidate from a 3A school!3 Congratulations Sarah!

A hearty congratulations to all eight TAMS Alumni scholarship recipients! We, the TAMS alumni, wish you the best in these next two life-changing years.

1 I am not formally associated with the TAMS Alumni Association beyond being a very strong supporter of their mission — I don’t speak on their behalf.

2 3A is a designation of the University Interscholastic League (UIL) organization in Texas. Its primary use by that organization is grouping schools of similar sizes for both academic and athletic competition within the state. Sizes range from 1A (smallest) to 6A (largest).

3 While I sponsored the scholarship this year, I did not participate in the selection of the winner.

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