Doing Good

Daniel and I have serious concerns about the incoming administration’s attitude and commitment to the environment and the rights of anyone who isn’t an old straight white guy. While we may not be doing well, we can at least do good.

We sat down and made a list of organizations that were tackling issues and supporting groups near and dear to our hearts. We focused on organizations that support women, LGBT, people of color, and immigrants, both locally and nationally. We ended up with a rather large list of organizations we wanted to support at the end of 2016 but not enough money to support them all like we wanted. Instead of giving everyone a medium amount of money, we gave big to a few organizations and gave small to the rest.

Primary organizations

We gave big to these organizations, wanting to focus locally and in areas that directly affect our LGBT community and women.



Secondary organizations

These aren’t any less important than the others, but we feel it’s more effective to give larger donations and there was only so much money to go around. We believe in the work these groups are doing and wanted to let them know they have our support.



Where are you doing good?

What organizations are near and dear to your heart? What groups are you supporting?

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4 thoughts on “Doing Good”

  1. International Refugee Assistance Project
    International Rescue Committee
    National Resources Defense Council
    NAACP Legal Defense Fund
    The Trevor Project
    Disability Visability Project
    Autistic Self-Advocacy Network
    Autism Women’s Network
    The Standing Rock Sioux tribe
    The American Indian College Fund
    Center for Reproductive Rights
    Critical Resistance
    & the local Humane Society

    No huge amounts of money are involved or anything, but what commitments I can make, I make.

    You saw John Oliver’s recommendations?


  2. Mostly Against Malaria Foundation (AMF) for me, based on GiveWell’s recommendation. (Mosquito nets for Africa.) Also GiveDirectly (direct cash grants to the very poor, again in Africa). Not very local ones, sorry!

    US-specific causes: I like SPLC, National Academy Foundation (educational), Nurse-Family Partnership (early childhood assistance for kids of disadvantaged moms), Bronx Freedom Fund (community bail fund).

    Even more local: Rainier Scholars (college prep).

    Thanks for your suggestions.


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