Fighting Bad with Science

Do you wish we had more scientists in US Congress making fact-based decisions? Me too, so friends and I created to help you find STEM candidates running for Congress and Governor in 2018.

Call me naive, but I believe much of our problem isn’t partisan at its core, it’s a problem of not using science-based facts to make decisions. There is no question within the scientific community that climate change is real and humans have caused most of it. So why is climate denier Lamar Smith the chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology? I wouldn’t hire an aerospace engineer who doesn’t believe in physics to design a rocket, why would we hire a congressman to lead a committee on science who doesn’t believe in it?

The answer is: we shouldn’t. We need people in congress who understand science to lead these committees. We need them to interject sound science and facts into policy discussions. They don’t have to know everything about every topic, but they need a mind trained to ask critical questions of their staff and other experts and to use science-based facts to argue their position.

I’m fed up with the state of our political system right now, and I’m putting my money where my mouth is and fighting bad by donating to political candidates in 2018. But that process isn’t really scaleable — I only have so much money. What I needed was a way to engage others, to help them support candidates who are fighting bad. is my attempt to do just that. At you can find a list of STEM candidates running for governor and congress. We’re working through all the states in the order of their primaries in 2018, but we have a good start already such as Texas and Illinois whose primaries are in March.

We need more people with STEM backgrounds and experience in congress. Find a STEM candidate near you and support them with your vote, your dollars, your time, or your voice.

For an example of a solid STEM candidate in the US House fighting the good fight, see my new favorite US Representative Bill Foster (IL-11).

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