Criscroodled, a Casey colloquialism

One of the many things that I’ve learned while dating Daniel is that my vernacular is filled with colloquialisms. Some of these we affectionately refer to as Texanisms but some are jewels I can’t blame on Texas as a whole.

Yesterday in a work IM conversation I commented:

[System X] reports all services working but [System Y that registers them for others to find] can’t see any of them at all. Something is criscroodled.

One developer messaged me a Google search screenshot of the word “criscroodled” with zero search results. At first this didn’t surprise me — I can’t spell myself out of a paper bag so it’s perfectly reasonable that I just misspelled the word enough that even Google can’t figure it out.

Except that no one else but Daniel has any idea what I’m talking about and he probably picked it up from me. As far as the internet is concerned, criscroodled doesn’t exist. It doesn’t show up in a Google, Bing, or Facebook search (or at least didn’t as of this writing, eventually this post will get indexed I presume).

Without further ado, I present the future Oxford 2018 Word of the Year:

criscroodled adjective /krɪs.kruːdɛld/

State of being messed up or in disarray; scrambled up; screwed up.


It’s 80 degrees outside and my heater just came on. Something is criscroodled with my thermostat.

The US political system in 2018 is totally criscroodled.

See also: munged, discombobulated

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