My fitness journey

Almost two decades ago I started working out at a gym, thus began my fitness journey. In all that time I’ve made a whole lot of progress and have finally landed in a place where I’m ecstatic with how I look.

A friend suggested that I blog about my experience, not because I’m a personal trainer or some fitness guru, but because I’m not — I’m just a nerd who started fumbling his way around a gym.

June 2011 to March 2018

Initially I resisted this idea because I have zero professional experience in the subject — my Computer Science degree gives me cred to suggest the best sorting algorithm for your dataset, not the optimal superset for the best shoulder workout.

But then Daniel wisely reminded me that I’m the world’s leading expert on my journey, a story that others might find useful. So after giving it some thought, here we are.

I’m blogging about it not because my path was the best or only one, but to show that it might not look like what you would expect. My hope is that in these posts you find something that resonates and helps you on your own individual journey.

To prevent this blog post from being insanely large, I’ve broken it into smaller posts:

tl;dr, here are my fitness “secrets”:

  • Persistence & habit – making working out an integral part of my daily life & schedule
  • Gym familiarity – being comfortable going to the gym and working out without feeling out-of-place
  • Workout repertoire – having a large selection of workouts that I can do based on how my body is feeling on any given day
  • Avoiding vice calories – not drinking alcohol has made it easier for me to consume fewer hollow calories

If you have questions about my journey drop a comment and let me know!

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I'm a gay geek living in Seattle, WA.

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