Rowing revisited

An hour and change ago I got back from rowing in a double with my friend Rick at the Lake Union Crew. Wow, I forgot how much fun it was being out on the water in a shell. Despite my apprehension I did indeed remember how to rig the boat and the stroke fundamentals. At the beginning my wrists were, true to form, killing me although with some helpful pointers from Rick I got the bulk of those resolved and things got better.

Until the blisters formed and popped. Then we got half way and turned around to row back! Yup seven of those beauties with four more still covered. Between those and my sore forearms I’m going to have no grip to speak of tomorrow.

Still, it was a beautiful evening for a row. We started at just under the I-5 bridge and rowed all the way out to the Ballard bridge and turned around. And the entire time we were keeping pace with two 8-man sweeps. Overall I mark it up as a resounding success!

Now to determine if I want to take this up regularly again.