The Denver Monthly – January

We just released the January edition of The Denver Monthly today.

For some reason I stopped posting notice of The Denver Monthly here in my blog after the first few. Today I went through and tagged all of the previous blog posts, although they contain little information beyond the link above. Oh well, it makes me feel better :)

Given that somebody keeps pestering me when I don’t blog regularly, maybe I’ll use this monthly announcement as a freebie post from now on!

The Denver Monthly – September

We’ve released the September edition of The Denver Monthly yesterday for your reading pleasure.

I had an article about the Denver Mint all written up and ready to go until it was lost due to user error (a major brain fart on my part, arg!). Either B or I will try to recreate this for next month’s edition.

To those of you who receive announcements via email: We’ve had some difficulty in getting both everyone BCC’d (as compared to CC’d) and the URL in the same email for some reason. To fix this I’ve created an announcement-only mailing list hosted on my server that will ensure a BCC-like distribution as well as including the URL in the footer thereby nicely solving both problems once and for all. If you’d like to get off (or on) this distribution list, please drop me an email and let me know. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Denver Monthly – May

Last Friday, Benjamin and I released the first edition of The Denver Monthly. It’s our attempt to let our friends and family know what’s going on in our world.

I hope to find (or make) time to post some blog entries about our first couple of weeks in the loft soon, but maybe the first month’s newsletter will give you an overview until then.

Aside: Some folks have said they were unable to open the PDF. Unfortunately the reports come from, shall we say, less than experienced computer users and “it doesn’t work” is less than helpful in trying to resolve the problem. If you of the computer literate can’t view it, let me know some useful information so I can attempt to correct it. Thanks!